A phenomenal project with VOK DAMS Events GMBH for the automotive giant that is Lexus.

We spent a week in a blacked out film studio in Leith, with 2 of the new Lexus UX350E models to showcase.
It was such a pleasure working alongside the incredibly talented David Gilliver on this. This project was 6 months in the making and so many logistics had to be figured out to make it possible and to run smoothly. We were so delighted to receive such glowing feedback from so many of the participants.

Throughout the course of the event, we taught our Light Painting Workshops to groups from: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Czech Rep, Netherlands, Ukraine, Switzerland and the UK. Over 200 people attended and we are so pleased that so many amazing images were captured.

It is difficult to summarise just how special it felt sharing our passion for Light Painting with so many people who had never encountered this magical art form before. Well done to everyone involved.
All images captured are straight off camera, no photoshop trickery. Please do get in touch if this is something you would like to experience and learn more about!

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